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1 год назад
Very nice!
3 года назад
Jawdropping beauty!!
3 года назад
3 года назад
Beautiful, she can be my queen :-)
3 года назад
T_Reina3 года назад#14959490I find the lack of sculpt for the red cushion part at the back of her throne is a huge minus though.
yeah the throne itself isn't that great, i have Levi's seat is much better on details ITEM #198265

however erina herself is great, maybe they lowered the quality of the seat to keep the price down
3 года назад
Really nice work ;3
3 года назад
T_Reina3 года назад#14959515Awesome picture with great manipulation of lighting! I really like the atmosphere of this figure ^^
thanks, i wish i had my DSLR for this one, the quality would've been more
3 года назад
Abicion3 года назад#14956334What is this food anime?
3 года назад
Wow *_*
3 года назад
Buy from Japan. Easier than ever.

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