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    Aug 05, 2009

Об этом изображении

As per Ashlotte's request, I went to Arizona and took a picture of Yoko.

See the picture this is a reply to for explanation. ^^

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takarayama Enjoyer of Life.™
Heh heh! I just couldn't let that comment pass. =P

Unfortunately there was no good desert picture where her base would look good, or at least none that I could find, so this is the result. Somehow the image quality came out really bad and it looks even worse after I uploaded it here... I guess all my contrast changings and blurrings and sharpenings and stuff is to blame for some of it.

As usual, I put way too much work into a picture. ~.~;

You can see a comparison here:
(Click thumbnail for full size.)

Oh well. It was fun making this. ^^

...and, no, I won't make her dusty. =P
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Ashlotte Full-time Reviewer
Haha this is what I get for trying to troll you eh... :p

Ok now go dust her abit so she has a more weathered look heh. But yea it came out nice...Everytime I saw this figure I just kept picturing her in some rocky desert. ~_^
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