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nice photo!
5 лет назад
this is beyond adorable! http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y177/drytherain/kaoani/ghost_loveeyes.gif
6 лет назад
just adorable :P
8 лет назад
I want that sumomo nendoroid too, is she on sale? ^_^
8 лет назад
This is really adorable!
8 лет назад
kriskittenCute banner, I like the sprocket hole style!


Thanks... ^_^
8 лет назад
8 лет назад
Cute banner, I like the sprocket hole style!
9 лет назад
zzxantrax07 「ジジエクズ」
i want that sumomo nendoroid.!!
9 лет назад
Stalkingaklsjdlkasjfklajsgklj stop making me want to buy her <3

Lolz...just follow ur desire, don't against it. :P
The 2nd film shows how Sumomo got excited & knows when someone interested on her (raise her head up)
9 лет назад
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