ZaffiraZaffira9 лет назад
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Devil_SoulkillerThey could do the Gate of Babylon XD

it's Unlimited Blade Works...!!! XD
8 лет назад
They could do the Gate of Babylon XD
9 лет назад
They're so cute on the snow! =D

And really a lot of swords/sheaths.
9 лет назад
Slee24Got swords?
Hi !
This the swords of saber nendo, two saber lily nendo, saber figma and saber triumphant excalibur :)

Thanks all ! :D
9 лет назад
Reminds me of the opening from Soul Calibur.
9 лет назад
Got swords?
9 лет назад
So lovely ^^
9 лет назад
UnlimitedCodessnow-UBW! too cute for words...
Thank you :)
9 лет назад
snow-UBW! too cute for words...
9 лет назад