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    Apr 04, 2015
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    Mar 29, 2015 - Apr 04, 2015

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aurybq (4 года назад) #2879236Oh how I wish for an Ichigo, Ishida and Urahara nendoroid. Your dream come true.
6 месяцев назад
Awesome! Love this photo
4 года назад
Oh how I wish for an Ichigo, Ishida and Urahara nendoroid.
4 года назад
nah i have already asuna but i don't think to buy the other two :P
U did great job :D

jkb (4 года назад) #2860867Or you could buy those three and dot his custom :P
4 года назад
this is perfect!
seeing a nendoroid from an iconic shonen anime/manga is really refreshing!
i'm waiting for your Grimjaw :D
4 года назад
buffoon (4 года назад) #2861117Perfect! Now ... can you please do Nel? ^^
Nel is not my favorite character. But probably there nendoroids from which you can make Nel. Only in her case just need to paint and add details.
I plan to make another nendoroid - Grimmjow (─‿‿─)♡
4 года назад
Perfect! Now ... can you please do Nel? ^^
4 года назад
Nice! It really does look like Ichigo xD
4 года назад
I love this! And I wish so much that this was a real figure. T_T
4 года назад
drowranger (4 года назад) #2860736He looks great!! (much better then the custom Byakuya nendo I tried to make).
It's my dream that GSC would do some Bleach nendos.... but I doubt it will ever happen. :(

I'd like to resume broadcast Bleach then on it again will make the figures and maybe even nedoroid. Bleach come back! (ノД`)
4 года назад
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