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flowers butterfly hitagi


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    Nov 04, 2010

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Got pretty lucky with this shot.... the butterflies kept leaving whatever area Hitagi was in. I guess they don't like her?

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Lovely photo! :)
9 лет назад
Nice colors! *__*
9 лет назад
very nice ^__^. Im so loving it lol ^__^
9 лет назад
Amazing picture!! Great angle and background ^^
9 лет назад
The colors is wonderful <3

Great picture ! \O/
9 лет назад
drowranger ☆keelerleah☆
Hehee, I just got this figure myself yesterday. ^^

Amazing shot!! *claps*
9 лет назад
Muntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・
Oh my gosh, this shot is simply perfect! There are too many things I could say about it xD
9 лет назад
AMAZING shot! :D
9 лет назад
Haha, I can't believe I managed to save this shot too; the original is incredibly overblown, but was the only frame to be in focus and have nice composition as well, so I had to make due with it.

Note: For those who do not follow Alphakitty's uploads; I am the one who takes all of these shots (I'm Alphakitty's boyfriend), but am too embarrassed to upload them myself ^^;
9 лет назад
Wow catching the butterfly in the shot is really lucky, beautiful!
9 лет назад
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