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megahouse strap one_piece banpresto bandai excellent_model rebecca movic shueisha oda_eiichiro jango rubber_strap toei_animation figuarts_zero portrait_of_pirates_"sailing_again" portrait_of_pirates_mild tokunaga_fumiyoshi one_piece_styling super_one_piece_styling_valiant_material super_one_piece_styling_to_the_country_of_passion_and_love corrida_coliseum_strap one_piece_collection_corrida_colosseum one_piece_strap_greenbit_sp ichiban_kuji_one_piece_~dressrosa_hen~ one_piece_rubber_strap_collection_barrel_colle_vol.4_~collie_barrel_colosseum~

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Qhina-chan5 лет назад#2560098Whaou ! Beautiful collection of Rebecca ^^ :)
Thanks a lot) I'm happy, that many people like it!
5 лет назад
Whaou ! Beautiful collection of Rebecca ^^ :)
5 лет назад
Oh, thanks ^_^
I love Rebecca!
5 лет назад
Very nice display.
5 лет назад