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Premium Figure Imports
Auri4 года назад3 года назад


1} - Nendoroid No. 105 - Izayoi Sakuya and No. 41 - Melissa Seraphy club/576/discus...
2} - Nendoroid No. 579 - Perrine H Clostermann club/576/discus...
3} - Nendoroid No. 616 - Tsukishima Kei club/576/discus...
4} - Nendoroid No. 295 - Kirito club/576/discus...
5} - Nendoroid No. 689 - Kuroo Tetsurou club/576/discus...
6} - Nendoroid No. 723 - Akaashi Keiji club/576/discus...
7} - Nendoroid No. 744 - Izumi no Kami Kanesada club/576/discus...
8} - Nendoroid No. 687 - Sakamoto Mio club/576/discus...
9} - Nendoroid No. 751 - Emilia club/576/discus...
10} - Nendoroid No. 753 - Japan club/576/discus...
11} - Nendoroid No. 657 - Dazai Osamu club/576/discus...
12} - Nendoroid No. 772 - Daichi Sawamura club/576/discus...


1} - Nendoroid No. 584 - Nozomi Toujou (Training Outfit ver.) club/576/discus...


1} - Nendoroid Parts club/576/discus...
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Thread: Dazai Osamu Split
Rating: Positive
Comments: After a while (because was Christmas rush) my package arrived without problems but I was warned of course. Fantastic communication and everything neatly packed, my items arrived in mint condition. Thank you so much for hosting!
2 года назад
Thread: Dazai Osamu

Great host & good communication. Secure & safe shipping. Thank you! (-^〇^-)
2 года назад
Thread: nendoroid Japan split

Everything went perfectly, great communication and speedy shipment. Parts were safely wrapped and got here just fine :)
3 года назад
Cerespam ~Soraname
Participated in Nendoroid Kirito Split
Great communication, parts arrived safely.
Highly recommended <3
Thanks a lot!
3 года назад
Thread: Kuroo Tetsurou
Rating: Positive
Comments: Parts came in perfect condition and and responded quickly if there were any problems. A+++ host. :3
3 года назад
Participated in the Kuroo Tetsurou split.
Great host, friendly and kept us updated, and the items were shipped fast and packaged securely.
3 года назад
From: clod_lilyy
Thread: Kuuro Tetsurou Split
Rating: Positive
Comments: Highly recommended! Great comunicationand very fast shipment and everything was packed safely!
3 года назад
Take part in Tsukishima nendo split and everything went perfectly, it was a pleasure deal with her! Thank you!
3 года назад
Purchased Merissa Seraphy's faceplates and crown from a selling parts thread, and I was kept updated with changes in shipping prices and status throughout. The items were also safely and securely packed, and arrived when expected. Auri was a pleasure to deal with, and I'd definitely recommend doing business with them!
4 года назад
adelino6604 года назад#10741427Received my package! The pieces were not damaged in any way, and arrived at a respectable time, considering the shipping prices. The pieces were also packaged really well! Please buy with confidence!
4 года назад
Premium Figure Imports

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