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As a host, I will try my best to keep everyone informed throughout the whole split duration and to treat everyone with friendliness and respect. Because splits are a two way street, I ask you to please look over these guidelines if you plan to join or are in one of my splits.

Please note that these are guidelines and not firm rules. The "TL;DR" version of this is please have open communication and respect. That's all I really ask for in the end.
These are just more specific examples that I have had problems or miscommunication in the past.

Last Update: June 96, 2017


*Please be available and contactable for the whole duration of the split, especially in the expected release month. I'm pretty prompt in answering questions and updating. So in return all I ask is if I ask for input or need your response to something, that you are available in a reasonable time frame as well (~1 week). If you are going to be off MFC for a while or if you anticipate any issues, please leave me an email address I can contact you at.

*Please do not drop confirms. A confirmed slot means you want the item 100%. That included wait listed confirmed slots too, as sometimes people drop slots ahead of you. I may allow drops of confirmed slots under certain circumstances at my discretion. Please be prepared to pay for any and all confirmed slots on release. If you are not willing to commit to this, please do not confirm slots in my splits.

*As a continuation of the previous point, if a slot is dropped for whatever reason, it will go to the next confirmed person in line. If there is no on else in line, I will usually ask the participant who is dropping to find someone else to take the slots.

*Please keep to deadlines OR talk to me before deadlines. I am usually very flexible if you talk to be before a deadline. I often will give a slight extension to those who need it. But I am not able to give that same flexibility if I need to chase you down. I'm not a loan shark, please don't make me hunt you down for your stuff.

*Please be respectful to your fellow participants and myself in both words and actions.

*Please subscribe to the thread. I post updates as I get them there. I won't always repeat myself so please just take a look there first.

*Please be proactive. If I notice there's a potential problem on my end, I will contact you. But I won't know about anything on your end, so please just let me know. I don't need specifics, just give me a general idea what is happening and how long you anticipate it to be a problem.

*Please do not solely rely on email notifications. If you give me your email I can send you a reminder but I prefer to do everything on MFC as it helps keep everything in one spot and easier to track. If you cannot be on MFC and check the split once in a while, please do not join my split.

*When you contact me, please give me 48 hours to respond. I am not on MFC 24/7. I DO however check MFC often (usually several times a day, but can be a day or two I'm not on due to real life commitments). If there is a problem, please let me know first before contacting club mods/admins. I'm only human and I make mistakes, please give me a chance to correct it before involving third parties or the public.

*Please read invoices carefully. I ask for specific actions in there so it is smooth for everyone involved. I make my invoices very easy to send money (I calculate PayPal fees for you and give a full breakdown and easy way to copy notes). If you don't do follow it, I often LOSE more money on doing splits than I already do normally.

*As a side note, I speak only English fluently. If English isn't your native language, that's okay, it doesn't have to be perfect but I need to at least understand what you are saying.

*Guideline for "priority": I usually go in the order I receive interest. This includes the "suggestions" or "interest" thread, but I usually do take a PM or comment as well, based on the order I get them. If this is not the case, it will be stated in the thread. But I have had issues in the past regarding alternative priority methods so I will 99% use "first come, first serve".

*These guidelines are pretty flexible with good communication. But if you cause me or the group order problems, I reserve the right drop your slots and/or ban you from my future GOs depending on the severity. Please remember I do this in my free time and actions (or inaction) can impact everyone in the GO.
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