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Selling Figures - Nendoroids, Figmas...Selling Figures - Nendoroids, Figmas...

straywind5 лет назад29 дней назад
As of February 2014, I'm simplifying my Sale list. Please see my MFC Shop for particular MFC specific sale prices for items. For all other goods, please visit my eBay page for figure and item sales. You can find photos and descriptions of all of my items on eBay.

Please only contact me if you have serious interest in a figure and I would appreciate it if you would message me back when I give you a quote just to tell me if you do or do not want the figure. It's courtesy. I would be happy to put an item on hold for up to 2 weeks if you 100% agree to purchase an item.

I accept payment through Paypal.

All items will be shipped from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I will list some of my figures from time to time on my eBay page:

My rates are in USD.

I can only ship to the US and Canada and I only ship using trackable services. Contact me for shipping quotes.

International Shipping
Due to the unexpectedly high cost of shipping to areas outside the US and Canada, I cannot offer shipping outside of Canada and the US. Sorry!

Shipping Times
I live and work not too far from a post office, but it's still a trek, so I would probably do drop offs at the post office twice a week. I will inform each customer about my next post office drop off date.

You can PM if you're interested in a figure. I would be happy to answer any questions you have and take a photo of the box or the figure. Serious inquiries only please!
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Onibank (4 года назад) #2373537how much for yoko and nia?

Thanks for your interest! I'm currently asking $30 for Yoko and Nia and they will come without the package, but they have their stands and Boota and are in excellent condition. Shipping to the US is $8.50 for small packet air (no tracking) or $17 for tracked packet (with a tracking number).
4 года назад
how much for yoko and nia?
4 года назад
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