Selling a great deal of my collection!Selling a great deal of my collection!

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Dark_Mephisto1 год назад1 год назад
Selling a great deal of my collection to make room for new collectibles and I could use the money as well at this point.

I've sold plenty of figures on here as well as on ebay, I always make sure the figures are well packed and those that don't have boxes are packed even more carefully to prevent any damage to them.

I've been a collector for years and I am very cautious and careful with my collectibles so I take good care of them. Any defects that happened were those during moving to my new place and I will make sure to state them where there are any.

Shipping from EU, Netherlands.

All Prices are Negotiable provided they are reasonable for both parties!

Promotion: Offering the cheaper figures as freebies if bought together with the higher priced ones 80 euro and more, freebies only apply if buyer pays for shipping. In some cases I am willing to cut shipping in half for combined orders or in some cases ship it for free if the total price is reasonable to do so.

Additional Promotion: Some items are applicable for a 10% discount if buying 2 or more, if you see a few figures you like then feel free to message me about the discount.

All my figures are official items bought from the store, no bootlegs and only official stores like CD Japan, Play-Asia, BigBadToyStore, Archonia.

Defects: If there are any defects they will be listed in the defects section or in some cases in the description section.

Name: Xenosaga T-Elos ITEM #333
Description:Figure in great condition
Box: No Box!
Price:50 euro

Name: Diana - 1/7 (Toranoana) and Morte
ITEM #338 and ITEM #339
Description: Selling Diana and Morte as a set with the comic book. Both figures are new in box, opened only once and never displayed. Comic is like new.
Price:100 euro for both, price is negotiable.

Name: Mirei-san (Kotobukiya) ITEM #367
Description: Have two of these new in box unopened.
Price:50 euro each

Name: Ninja Gaiden Ayane (Kotobukiya) ITEM #420
Description: Figure in great condition.
Box:No Box!
Price:60 euro

Name: Bastard!! Polno Diano ARTFX ITEM #431
Description:Figure in great condition.
Box:No Box!
Price:60 euro

Name: Shoujo(Girl) S from Native ITEM #25420
Description:Opened, complete in box and never displayed.
Box:Has Box
Price:70 euro

Name: Bastard!! - Polno Diano Repaint Ver. ITEM #433
Description:New in box, unopened!
Price:50 euro

Name: Final Fight Poison(Yamato)ITEM #968
Description: New in Box, unopened, box still in protective wrapping!
Price:110 euro, also have one without box for 80 euro.

Name: Shion (Kotobukiya) ITEM #990
Description:New in box, though box shows some wear.
Price:50 euro

Name: Persona 3 Aegis(Kotobukiya) ITEM #1763
Description:New in box, unopened!
Price:50 euro

Name: 009-1 -Mylene Hoffman ITEM #1769
Description:New in Box!
Price:80 euro boxed and 50 euro without box (have two of these, boxed and unboxed one)

Name: Queen's Blade Risty ITEM #10445
Description:Have two figures, one of them is the regular release and still has the box but has been displayed. The other one is the limited edition that came with the metallic lithograph/poster and is still new in box unopened. Selling both!
Price: around 90 euro for the regular one and 120 for the limited edition one with the poster.

Name: X-Men Phoenix Bishoujo ITEM #13949
Description:New in box, never opened!
Price:180 euro

Name:X-Men Dark Phoenix Bishoujo ITEM #27111
Description:New in Box, never opened! Box has a slight dent in the upper left corner!
Price:180 euro

Name: DMC3 Dante 3D Poster ITEM #20859
Description:New in box, opened, newer displayed!

Name: Queen's Blade Rebellion Siggy(MegaHouse)ITEM #26576
Description:Never displayed, with box and all the accessories.
Price:90 euro

Name: Wonder Woman Bishoujo Statue ITEM #27113
Description:New in Box, never opened!
Price:200 euro
Promotion:!!Buyer will also get Injustice: Gods Among Us (first game) Collector's Edition for PS3 for free. Game, Statue and Comic included, costume code has been used.!!

Name: Queen's Blade Menace Swimsuit Ver. ITEM #28896
Description:New in box, unopened!
Price:50 euro
Promotion:30 euro if bought together with other QB figures like Risty and Siggy!

Name: Bastard!! - Arshes Nei - 1/6 (Orchid Seed) ITEM #42030
Description:Have two of these, one is without the box but has all the accessories and has been displayed. The other one is new in box in mint condition, never opened.
Price:No box one is 70 euro and boxed one is 95 euro

Name: Occult Academy Mayah ttps://myfigurecollection.net/item/54749
Description:Without box, comes with all accessories, phone and crossbow!
Price:50 euro.
Promotion:She is free of charge for orders above 200 euros, combined orders count too, she is free regardless of free or paid shipping.

Name: Hyakka Ryouran Yagyu Jubei Swimsuit ver. ITEM #78376
Description:Without box, her swimsuit does not properly connect to the bottom of the swimsuit, it was like this from day one.
Box:No box!
Price:50 euros

Name: The Seven Deadly Sins - Leviathan ITEM #97001
Description:Without box,comes with the handkerchief and special base!
Price:90 euros

Name: Maken-Ki! Himegami Kodama Swimsuit ver. ITEM #99068
Description:Without box!No extra swimsuit
Price:80 euro

Name: Fault!! - Date Wingfield Reiko ITEM #107758
Description:Complete in Box, opened but never displayed!
Price:around 100 euro

Name: MGS V: The Phantom Pain Quiet Play Arts Kai ITEM #194304
Description:, selling her because not a fan of the obvious joints, briefly displayed.
Box:Without Box
Price:90 euro

Name: Ikki Tousen Kanu Hot springs version ITEM #7372
Description: Figure in great condition, comes with all accessories.
Box:Without box!

Price:70 euros

Name: Taimanin Asagi - Igawa Asagi ITEM #198654
Description: Figure in good condition,comes with the sword and base.
Box:Without Box!
Price:70 euro

Name: Sweet Body - Rider ITEM #27954
Description:Figure in great condition, comes with bra and the base
Box:No box!
Price:60 euro

Bible Black - Saeki Kaori ITEM #41764
Description: Figure in good condition.
Box:No box!
Price:50 euro
Defects: Base has two sides, the sigil/pentagram side and a mirror side, the mirror side is all scratched up but the sigil side is still in good condition.

Name: Bastard!! – Shiin + Arshes + Kai Harn - 1/8 (Dragon Toy, FREEing)
ITEM #118078
ITEM #118079
ITEM #118080
Description:Selling all 3 of these as a set, all 3 figures are in excellent condition.
Box:No box!
Price: 190 euro
Promotion:You get Jingai Makyo - Kaze no Ushiro o Ayumumono - 1/10 (Solid Theater) No Box! ITEM #292 as a freebie

Name: No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle - Sylvia Christel
Description:Figure in excellent condition, displayed in a closed cabinet out of direct sunlight and in smoke free home.
Box:No box!
Price:90 euro

These below are very cheap, for around 30 euros a piece, if you buy some of the more costly figures you get 1 of these for free, none of them has a box.

Name: Baek Changpo ITEM #617
Description:No box, shows some wear, selling cheap.
Price:20 euro

Name: Tandem Twin Animal Girl Cloe ITEM #1262
Description:Some wear on the base, has no box!
Price:35 euro

Name: Maicching! Mai Machiko ITEM #1669
Description: Figure in excellent condition.
Box:No box!
Price:30 euro

Below here are some of the damaged figures or missing parts so they come with a discount, some can be combined for even more discount (like the Kanu figures)!!!

Name: Neko no Wakusei - Chu-kana Neko to Isu ITEM #287908
Description: Figure is in good condition and contains all the accessories (read below)
Box:Has no box!
Defect: Has paint marks on her back from her dress, only visible when displayed without the dress
Price:50 euro
Promotion:If bought together with Alice version it's 110 euros total

Name: Neko no Wakusei - Chu-kana Neko to Isu - 1/8 - Alice ver. (Embrace Japan) Has box and has been displayed, missing the cat!
ITEM #397365
Price:70 euros

Name: Demon Squeezer - Diabolus ITEM #46172
Description:She is missing the two parts for displaying her topless. You can still display her topless and from a distance you won't be able to see it but close up you can see two holes under her breasts where normally her bra goes into. She still has her bra though. Again due to defect selling her cheaper.
Box:No Box!
Price:70 euro

Name: Ikki Tousen Great Guardians - Kan'u Unchou - 1/8 - Miko Ver. (Jun Planning) ITEM #4454
Description:Figure itself is in great condition, she is one of the flimsiest figures I've ever owned. everything is intact except for the bit that goes into her back to keep her suspended broke off. Due to this defect I can sell her for cheaper if someone still wants to buy her.
Price:50 euro

Name:Ikki Tousen - Kan'u Unchou - 1/7 - China Dress Ver. (Taki Corporation)ITEM #5437
Description:Without box, has all the accessories, Chinese dress, swimsuit, thong, her shoes, spear. In good condition, shows slight wear on the base.
Price:40 euro

Name: Ikki Tousen - Kan'u Unchou - 1/7 - Adesugata Ver
Defects:, surface scratches on the base, missing small hairpiece on top.
Box:No box
Price:40 euro
Promotion:All 3 Kanu figures for 90 euro total.
ITEM #6247

Name: Demonbane - Another Blood - 1/8 (Max Factory)
Defects:Piece of plastic that connects her foot to the base has broken off,not noticeable when the figure is displayed on the base.
Box:No Box!
ITEM #48

Price: 40 euro

Name: Zoku Satsuriku no Jango ITEM #295
Defects: Figure can no longer hang on the base unless you glue the plastic connecting her to the base with some strong glue. Figure itself is in good condition and base and everything is still intact, save for a small pin on the plastic connecting her to the base having been broken off. Selling her cheaper due to this.
Box:Without box
Price: 35 euro

If you see anything in my collection that is not on the list feel free to ask about it. I usually don't sell my starred collectibles but in some cases I might make an exception. There may be also some items not on the list that are added as items below, those are for sale too.

I also have some other figures and statues that are not on myfigurecollection due to them not being Japanese made. Those are:

Mods, if the ones below are not allowed to be posted please let me know and I will remove them, please do not delete the list!

Arkham City Catwoman and Harley statues from Dc collectibles.


Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark by Kotobukiya ARTFX theater www.ebay.com/it...

Vampirella Comiquette

Mystique Comiquette


Monica's Axe from Yamato


Yankee Girl statue https://i.pinimg.com/originals/60/e4/47/60e447e9448819544bd9deafe042bcdd.jpg
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Bought a few figures from Dark_Mephisto, nice doing business with.
Everything came as described with all the parts and some extras.
Extremely well packaged, boxes prepared to survive any transport attack.
1 год назад