Комментарии Pocket Monsters - Pikachu (Nintendo)

  • *_* so many years and I still have him. Each time his eyes will vanish, I repaint them because I feel bad for pikachu ;;.
    8 лет назад
    This was my first pokemon Plush ever, just around the time that Pokemon became popular in my country.
    Well made and just really cute! :D
    9 лет назад
    I´ve waited for this day. ^-^*
    I was thinking when this plush will be added. Finally. ^^

    Isn´t Pikachu adorable?! I got his big brother as well! I just couldn´t resist as well as for the Monster Hunter piggies! They´ll be mine!!! *must preorder* XDD
    11 лет назад
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