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Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - China Dress (Taito)
Масштаб & Размеры
H=180mm (7.02in)
Дата релиза
12/2020 Как Prize



Why'd they change the shirt so much? I understand simplifying the roses but the pink gradient is ugly and doesn't match anything else on the figure, especially since they took away her pink hair ties and the pattern on her socks. And they shortened it so now the skirt looks too big. Wth Taito?
2 дня назад
I love the face but clothes look really bad
4 дня назад
I was really looking forward to this one the most . . .
The quality is very disappointing. A lot of the details weren't included. The ruffles along her top and collar are too big. It's cute overall but the original illustration hyped me up so much to...this.
5 дней назад
the face looks not really like miku. this miku has the same face like this figure with the nightclothes...... ITEM #998277
dont like it :-(
5 дней назад
Wow! The eyes look wonderful!
5 дней назад
Lmao WHO Put Male in this?
1 месяц назад
Taito out here challenging my wallet *_*
2 месяца назад
It’s cool, it’s cool. 3 new Taito Mikus at once?? Cool, cool, cool. I hate money and having it and saving it anyway.
2 месяца назад
kaitylee Kawaii Mistress
So many new Miku taito figures at once, my wallet is overwhelmed
2 месяца назад
Ooh, this is pretty.
2 месяца назад
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