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Figma - Headphones - Black ver. (Max Factory)
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09/02/2011 Как Limited + Exclusive
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Came random and blind Figma 100 Miku (Append).


I have a pair of this and 2 brown pairs - need a gray pair:(
4 года назад
Got them brand new from amiami, They were sealed and to my joy they were the black ones :D
4 года назад
are these the headphones that came with the bootleg miku append?
5 лет назад
Stalking Loli hunter
Funny, I thought that even if it was random, there would be a majority of a headphone color... But 35 own these, 36 the grey ones, and 35 the brown ones...
Odd thing is it was 35 for grey a few minutes ago, before I added mine haha;
9 лет назад
I ordered two figma and only got one pair of headphones. It's supposedly the "green" but it looks more grey than the grey does. The actual grey appears brown to me. Well, whatever, they're cute.
9 лет назад
sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
Managed to get these with Miku~! <3<3
9 лет назад
I prefer the black too,but I have very unlucky XD
9 лет назад
I ordered two Mikus from AmiAmi (they are taking part in this) so I'm hoping to get two of these as well. I'd prefer black, but I'm fine with any color.
9 лет назад
eheeh I saw them at WF... oh well with figma append? >_< damn
9 лет назад
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value


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