Girls Frontline - ST AR-15 - 1/7 (Phat Company)Girls Frontline - ST AR-15 - 1/7 (Phat Company)¥ Купить¥ Купить

Girls Frontline - ST AR-15 - 1/7 (Phat Company)
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The older sculpt's head felt more on model to LIN+'s art imo
7 дней назад
Outfit? she's wearing a dress with a jacket. it's her character design, look it up
26 дней назад
hmm the shoes are terrible and not fit with her outfit........cool shoes like (boots would be perfect for her) very sad.....
26 дней назад
No painted version yet? WTF
1 месяц назад
Still waiting on this one, rawr!
5 месяцев назад
Inari6 месяцев назад#75347616was really hoping to see it painted this wf

Looking at the rifle detail, I wouldn't even mind getting an unpainted version now. Those details usually don't show when the paint is applied (unless they keep the gun a light colour or white)....
6 месяцев назад
was really hoping to see it painted this wf
6 месяцев назад
I don't like how they really shaved off some of her cheeks so now she has a really pointy chin...
6 месяцев назад
Well, I suppose the update means that we are still getting her. But come on, it should be painted by now!
6 месяцев назад
Hopefully they don't cancel production of it.
6 месяцев назад
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