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Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Rabbit Yukine - Nendoroid - Princess, Snow 2019 (Good Smile Company)Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Rabbit Yukine - Nendoroid - Princess, Snow 2019 (Good Smile Company)

Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Rabbit Yukine - Nendoroid - Princess, Snow 2019 (Good Smile Company)
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Once again, I feel the need to remind everyone. When it comes time to vote on the design you want, ignore the eyes in the design. GSC is going to use the same generic Miku eyes they always use and we all know it.
4 месяца назад
Place your bets: what part of the design is Goodsmile going to fuck up this year?
4 месяца назад
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Tomoe (1 месяц назад) #37091831When will the winning design be announced?
I think at Magical Mirai 2018. Last time the snow miku 2018 design was announced at Magical Mirai 2017
18 дней назад
Tomoe neL killed my wallet
When will the winning design be announced?
1 месяц назад
I really can't decide wich one is my favorite they look so similar hahaha. I will buy her anyway.. I bought every single snow miku ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
1 месяц назад
Personally, I've always believed that these kind of polls are rigged. Since this is a business after all, there are more things for them to consider besudes popularity alone, such as production cost, etc. This is why I believe the winner is probably already predetermined before the secondary poll. The reason a lot of less-desirable designs made it to top 6 is to ensure that the design they have already chosen will win.
Jingobean (3 месяца назад) #34122024I've often wondered that as well. I mean no disrespect to the artists or their designs,but I'm always surprised by the choices,and confused about so many much more popular designs getting passed over.
There must be specific criteria that goes into the decision making in the background. I thought maybe it's something like they narrow it down to a certain number,basically picking the ones they most approve of,and excluding artwork that isn't skillful enough,would be too costly / difficult to reproduce,and then doing a random drawing from that?
2 месяца назад
I love 2 and 4 just because they look more 'princessy' to me.
She looks about 12 in number 6 but I still like the design, number 1 she kind of looks like a knight to me, in numbers 3 and 5 she looks more like a queen.
2 месяца назад
Voted for #2
My next choice would of been #5.
3 месяца назад
I haven't gotten a snow miku since 2015, but I think I might have to snag a princess version! I genuinely like every design that has been admitted :)
3 месяца назад
It was between 1 and 2 for me, but I voted for 1 because I feel the fact that the dress is very geometric and has less intricate ruffles and details will mean more of the design will be present in Goodsmile's final product (I think they would do very badly with number 5 for example). I also love the braids in number 1, and having Rabbit Yukine as a little knight is so adorable!

Honestly though, I really like all of them! This princess theme is really so cute.
3 месяца назад
kibihime (3 месяца назад) #33876848For the moment that's the 2nd one that has the most vote followed by the 6th. The 1st is the last and I dont remember the rest. Idk I really like the 2nd but I am afraid the 6th end up being the final, I really don't like that potato-lillie like white dress

two most "kawaii lolicon", why I'm not surprised, lol

5 is royal, 6 looks like kindergarden Miku
3 месяца назад
Ahh,I just remembered this entry from an artist I found on instagram,too! piapro.jp/t/rr3...
I love the color scheme they used,I thought it was quite unique while still being true to the character & theme :3 The eyes are stunning,too!
3 месяца назад
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