Комментарии 2PM - Ao no Exorcist - Ending Theme - Single - Take Off - Limited Edition (Sony Music Entertainment)

  • kimilion not a lolicon
    i feel so blessed my favorite group in the world sang the ED for my favorite series :) ♥
    this is my prized possession out of my 2pm shrine as well as my anime collection!
    7 лет назад
    SaRu image not found
    www.hmv.co.jp/e... HMV, but they only take credit cards and ship EMS :0
    9 лет назад
    You can find it on back-order at AmiAmi www.amiami.jp/s...
    They're good with fulfilling back-orders...

    Or there's one left at Play-Asia www.play-asia.c...
    9 лет назад
    sillyker0nian アメージングコレクター
    If anyone can tell me where I can still get this, it would me MOST appreciated c:
    9 лет назад
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