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Yumekui Merry - Merry Nightmare - Nendoroid Petit (Good Smile Company)
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05/2011 Как Limited + Exclusive
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Bundled with first Release of Yumekui Merry Vol. 3 DVD & Blu-ray


Selling this sealed (DVD Version) PM me for details. *Bump* Still have this!
5 лет назад
Merleawe4000yen on Mandarake (ext link)

this link is someone's facebook! '-'
9 лет назад
Got her today! :D
9 лет назад
Get her today.
Dat Boushi.

The DVD also includes a poster with the slideoff dvd cover image on it (Actual dvd case has a different image).
The back has some info about characters and stuff I think, that I can't read anyways.

Will shoot photos of everything later.
9 лет назад
4000yen on Mandarake (ext link)
9 лет назад
More photos: doradora999.blo... ^^
9 лет назад
Got the payment request.
I do agree it's not worth the price, the episodes aren't my favorites either (Would've preferred the beach or Little Chasers episodes).
I'm still going though with it though.

Though I do hope this is the last time..
9 лет назад
bought her twice, resell one higher to get mine cheaper x)
9 лет назад
I'm gonna cancel her - my budget is very limited this month and I think she's not worth 4,770 yen. Also, the DVD has only two episodes and no subs .___. Sorry AmiAmi.

Maybe someday I'll get her from Mandarake.
9 лет назад
I'll try to order her as soon as I order the Stocking nendoroid.
9 лет назад