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Death Note - Ryuuk - Yagami Light - 1/6 (Oniri Créations)Death Note - Ryuuk - Yagami Light - 1/6 (Oniri Créations)

Death Note - Ryuuk - Yagami Light - 1/6 (Oniri Créations)
Масштаб & Размеры
1/6  W=280mm (10.92in)  L=290mm (11.31in)  H=480mm (18.72in, 1:1=2.88m)
Дата релиза
12/2018 Как Limited
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Limited to 999 pieces for 579.00 Euros

Orders start at Oniri Créations Shop the 14th December 2017 from 20:00GMT+1

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Hi guys,

The statue will be about the original Death Note anime, not the Netflix movie! More news during the coming months :)
10 месяцев назад
HEEDLESS (2 месяца назад) #29828927
WHO LOVES L?????????

2 месяца назад
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Sekhmet Killing Stalking
Some new pics! Light’s face is still a little off but of course otherwise he’s perfect www.gokin.it/20...
2 часа назад
Sekhmet Killing Stalking
So this will be shown at some event soon - Monaco Anime Game International Conference - on the 24th. Will be nice to see some pics. An interesting thing I noticed however is on their facebook they are showing the finalized (?) prototypes of their other figure ITEM #569385 I don't know anything about that show but the interesting thing is comparing the pictures in the database here to the ones they have on their fb (updated piece) it looks A LOT better www.facebook.co... (sorry I don't know how to use fb really but its the second post down). The details on the base with the sand, his face, the overall paint and whatnot all look 10000% better. Light and Ryuk here look damn near almost perfect so I'm super excited to see the final product in a few months and what they do with it.

Also! Someone asked about an L scale and they responded maybe in the future! I would cry for a scale of L. Would be nice if they did something like an updated version of this (since it looks like a bootleg) ITEM #1581 from this art Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhttp://fs1.directupload.net/images/180222/iplj3hhb.jpg or if they did something like the cover found here with all the key characters (plus I love smug looking Light lol) ITEM #88850 Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерhttp://fs1.directupload.net/images/180222/sywxrlvu.jpg Or just anything with L!!! He needs a good scale.

I don't know if Oniri is still checking these comments but I hope they can consider a scale of L too since this one is so cool ^_^
2 дня назад
Lights face needs a lot of work and I'm not sure how I feel about that tie just floating really throws off the look I guess they were trying to go for something dynamic which is weird considering the position and poses of the characters IDK what anime , manga you watched , read but Light would never have that many wrinkles on his pants lol
10 дней назад
Oniri_Creations (10 месяцев назад) #20069740Hi guys,
The statue will be about the original Death Note anime, not the Netflix movie! More news during the coming months :)

Would be terrible with those Netflix characters XD.
Finally ordered!
1 месяц назад
Shipping to Germany will be 45€.
And you can pay with paypal too.
1 месяц назад
Jasurim (2 месяца назад) #29841959It seems they don't ship to Australia? That's a shame.

They now ship to Australia.
2 месяца назад
They are really fast and nice answering everything I asked. I'm just so unsure how the finished product will look. Even with Sideshow I sometimes landed on my nose and thats so much money. I finally want a great Death Note statue.
2 месяца назад
Yeah I really wonder if there will be a line with more characters or if it's just gonna end at this piece.
2 месяца назад
Cybogirl (2 месяца назад) #29838582thought they were taking a selfie together at first lmao
Someone said this earlier but wtb alternate hand with selfie stick or phone XD
2 месяца назад
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