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Overwatch - Mercy - Nendoroid #790 - Classic Skin Edition (Good Smile Company)Overwatch - Mercy - Nendoroid #790 - Classic Skin Edition (Good Smile Company)

Overwatch - Mercy - Nendoroid #790 - Classic Skin Edition (Good Smile Company)
Масштаб & Размеры
H=100mm (3.9in)
Дата релиза
01/29/2018 Как Standard
Японский36,456 просмотр. • 218 коммент.44 избран.



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Okay, I think we should stop talking about shipping here. It's cute that we all (including me) are gushing about our ships, but the last thing we need on a page like this is the ugliness of a shipping war and I can see it's turning into one quite fast.
1 год назад
I'd love a Genji to go with her <3 They're just so cute together and I'm sure they'd look cute together as nendos, too!
1 год назад
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18 часов назад
Finally pulled her out of my closet and built her. Really impressed. Overall stellar nendo, although I wish the faceplate options were more expressive, and her wing effects fall out too easily.
2 дня назад
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3 дня назад
I gave her 9/10 because she lacks a right hand to hold the gun and the blue effect for boosting. Ohter than that, great figure. I found mine kinda hard to remove the hair and the left leg is slightly loose but nohting that compromises the figure.
8 дней назад
MuzicFreq (23 дня назад) #31261839I made the mistake of choosing sal unregistered.... So who knows when she will come i did too but she came really fast! fret not!
8 дней назад
Solarstormflare (1 месяц назад) #31104078Selling for 57 aud CLASSIFIED #145795Bump! Still available Sold!
8 дней назад
Unboxing and review video : www.youtube.com...
11 дней назад
I was wondering if anyone else has issues with her translucent yellow wings not staying put? i've noticed it on one side only and it seems the space is too wide on one wing to keep the slide in, there's even a gap in the middle of the wing when looking from above.
I tried both yellow pieces on both wings, one side stays put no matter which one i insert, the other doesnt.
Im afraid that if i try to clip it back together it might break under too much pressure.

I just sent an email to GoodSmile Company with pictures about my issue but i was wondering if it was a common problem.

EDIT: After sending the pictures, i was asked for a video of the problem. I wiggled the right wing by the yellow part, then the left, and you could clearly see the yellow part wasnt staying in the left wing, wouldnt clip in, and kept falling whenever i was picking her up. Upon reviewing my video they decided to send me a replacement left wing. As usual GSC's customer service is legendary :)
12 дней назад
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