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Ookami - Ishaku - Shiranui (First 4 Figures)
Масштаб & Размеры
W=460mm (17.94in)  L=430mm (16.77in)  H=360mm (14.04in)
Дата релиза
2019 Как Limited



Limited to TBD pieces for 484.99USD
Release schedule for Q2 2019


Wish they would have fixed how poor the flower base was...that horrible grass attempt on Ammy is the worst thing about her and it seems it will follow Shiranui as well. ;-; (Pretty sure they didnt use a celestial brush to paint that grass, mhmm)
2 года назад
I got the exclusive. It was nicer than I thought it would be after seeing the initial, so-so pre-release picture.
2 года назад
They are streaming now. It should launch for orders soon.
2 года назад
Hmmm... I am not sure I like the white tentacles sticking out of Shiranui's back. I know they are part of his video game design, but they look a bit weird here.

Hopefully, the final product will look better. Otherwise, I will probably skip because while I did not pre-order the Ammy bust due to wanting Spyro more and holding out for him, I will probably have enough saved up to buy the bust later if I skip Shiranui.
2 года назад
R_Dorothy2 года назад#32891216!!! For real? Any updated pictures or are they gonna make us wait?

Look in the gallery, I uploaded a picture some weeks ago :)
But the final product will be shown next week.
2 года назад
LittleMissTina2 года назад#32890081Pre-orders open on 27th April, 22:00 HKG

!!! For real? Any updated pictures or are they gonna make us wait?
2 года назад
Pre-orders open on 27th April, 22:00 HKG
2 года назад
I really hope they do a better job on the feet with this one,than they did on the last.. that was the only thing that turned me off from keeping my preorder on the first polystone okami.. the feet were just too poorly made that I couldn't ignore just how off and weird it looked after a while.
2 года назад
It looks like the earliest this will be released is 2019. It is frustrating since I am probably skipping the Okami bust.
2 года назад
Waaant ;;
3 года назад
Official anime merchandise


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