Original Character - Bakunyuu Ushiko Melfi - 1/6 - ExtraColor ver. (BEAT, Mouse Unit)Original Character - Bakunyuu Ushiko Melfi - 1/6 - ExtraColor ver. (BEAT, Mouse Unit)¥ Купить¥ Купить

Масштаб & Размеры
1/6  H=150mm (5.85in, 1:1=0.9m)
Даты релиза
02/19/2017 Как Limited
06/09/2016 Как Limited + Exclusive



Limited to 300 pieces.

Orders can be placed until the 10th March 2016 via Mouse Unit

Cash on demand only.


In stock @ JFigure.com (¥29,300)
Brand new, unopened
26 дней назад
Shitty shitty bang bang, this variant is growing on me.
2 года назад
I just got her for 13,480 ¥ on AmiAmi, Condition A/B.
She'll go well with my 2 other limited Mogudan figures.
I'm so glad I found her!
3 года назад
Available on DoujinRepublic (Free Shipping from Japan).
3 года назад
order.mandarake... 27,000 ¥ (Japan), 25,000 ¥ (International)
Dozza3 года назад#14509931Anyone know where I can get this? Anyone have one for sale?
3 года назад
Anyone know where I can get this? Anyone have one for sale?
3 года назад
After two months the postal services declared this item as "lost". So I bought a second one. Then, the first one suddenly was "found" by the postal services and arrived at my doorstep, even before the second one arrived! As a result, I have two of this variant in addition to the regular variant! PM me if you are interested to buy one.
4 года назад
The other versions are in stock on my AmiAmi order. Really eager to have my proxy contact me about this one.
4 года назад
Welp, time to remind my proxy yet again they've got a pervert for a customer. At least I'm switching it up from Adachi porn to a cow girl xD

I learned my lesson with their swimsuit cat girl it's not smart to try and buy after release.
4 года назад
I like this one even better than the original. She looks more nude, which is always nice.
But 300 pieces – that's gonna be a tough one on the wallet to track down!
4 года назад
Official anime merchandise



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