Love Live! The School Idol Movie - Minami Kotori - SPM Figure - Sunny Day Song (SEGA)Love Live! The School Idol Movie - Minami Kotori - SPM Figure - Sunny Day Song (SEGA)¥ Купить¥ Купить

Love Live! The School Idol Movie - Minami Kotori - SPM Figure - Sunny Day Song (SEGA)
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H=200mm (7.8in)
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04/29/2016 Как Prize
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Today, 1480 yen on Amazon Japan.
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In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥2,570)

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Selling her

[ ebay ]
2 года назад
I know Prize Figures are not supposed to be high quality....But I recently got Kotori, and I think she is gorgeous! Bombshell baby.
2 года назад
Selling her for $18 + shipping to USA, PM me. Perfect condition in box.
3 года назад
Just got her on Ami Ami for about $15. Super excited; she looks really cute. Although I've officially broken my rule of only getting LL figures from 3 specific sets, so I guess I'm going to add this set to my wishlist too. XD

Edit: Just got her and Nozomi today, and wow, these are some impressive prize figures. They're much larger than I expected; somewhere around a 1/7 scale, and they've got some weight to them too. Their bases are pretty big, but at least they're decorative, so it works for me. I'm very happy with them, and I'm looking forward to sinking deeper into idol hell getting the rest of the set.
3 года назад
one left,brand new for 29$ including shipping www.ebay.com/it...
3 года назад
In stock @Figuya figuya.com/en/p...
4 года назад
SEGA LL! figs' quality are getting better and better starting from SoreKise to Snow Halation and lastly, to this one.
4 года назад
Pm me if you have this for sell! :)
4 года назад
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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