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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - Naked Snake - Play Arts Kai - Sneaking Suits (Square Enix)Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - Naked Snake - Play Arts Kai - Sneaking Suits (Square Enix)

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker - Naked Snake - Play Arts Kai - Sneaking Suits (Square Enix)
Масштаб & Размеры
H=265mm (10.34in)
Дата релиза
06/2010 Как Standard
Японский15,389 просмотр. • 37 коммент.11 избран.



In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥20,492)

Product page : www.ninoma.com/...
Official new item , shipped worldwide from Japan
About 182 USD | 154 EUR | 227 CAD
11 дней назад
In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥9,560)

Brand New for ¥9,560
└ A treasure is waiting for you! ✗
1 год назад
I was debating between this and GZ BB (Jungle Fatigues is a bit pricier than I hoped), but ultimately, this guy won out. As my third and final (for now?) PAK, his face sculpt and accessories are perfect, my only nitpick (probably because he's an older PAK) is those holding the guns hands are somewhat flimsy to place/stay.

I definitely recommend nabbing an inexpensive stand from Amazon/etc, since he and Kaz don't come with them like the later releases Ocelot/etc do.

As an aside, it amuses me greatly to have short Boss (compared to my Kaz and Ocelot PAKs). :3 He's shorter than both Kaz and SPOILER in a Phantom Pain photograph, too.
1 год назад
Anyone wanna trade for a batgirl? I'm in the USA please PM trade only!! Thanks
2 года назад
Selling for $40 including shipping within the US. International buyers welcome, just be prepared to pay a little extra for shipping. Like new condition, never removed from blister packaging. Sold!
2 года назад
Mine is up on eBay - cgi.ebay.com/ws... SOLD.
3 года назад
Selling mine for $30. Contact me if you're interested!
4 года назад
This is the last figure I need to Complete my collection. Is anyone willing to sell?

Edit: Nevermind I purchased one. :)
4 года назад
Hey guys, quick question.

Last year, I brought this off an American seller mainly for the Love Pack bonus which it was paired with, since I already own one I was planning to sell it off once it arrived. When it did arrived, I discovered it has the head of the Battle Dress ver. instead of it's original and the PSP game code was missing... I messaged the seller and he told me he brought it straight off Square-Enix Shop's stall at an convention. At first he was a little baffled as to why it had a different head, but he thought it was cool looking so he kept it and never opened it.

Is this a factory error or has Square-Enix Products re-released? I'm sill baffled about it til this day.

I've put up some photos for you all to see.
6 лет назад
OssiriasThanks for the tip <3
I accidentally broke my friends copy (I detached his larger bag by accident and felt so bad about it so I bought a new one for him and get the damaged one for myself...).

You are most welcome! ^___^
7 лет назад
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