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Dragon Ball Z - Future Trunks - Real Works Serie 3 Cell Edition (Bandai)
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I recently purchased, what I believe(d) to be, this figure from a seller in Hong Kong. The listing stated that it was a "Bandai Dragonball Z Kai Real Works Figure Saiyan Armor Trunks," so I'm pretty sure it is supposed to be this figure! However, having received the item today I am now a bit skeptical and am wondering whether it is in fact a legit Bandai figure or a bootleg. What gives me pause is the fact that my item has a #, 02508, right on the back of Trunk's armor when I have yet to notice any such number in the pictures or video's I've found of this figure thus far! Is there anyone out their who might own this figure and be able to give me some advice on the authenticity of mine? Am I just overthinking things, is it a legit figure but perhaps from a different release than this one, or is it an outright bootleg? I have not yet left the seller a review and would like to know if I should be thanking them for my item or if I've been mislead and should be requesting at least a partial, if not a full, refund from them? I'm really hoping it's legit! The figure itself looks pretty good, bootleg or not, but I'd still like to know whether or not I have legit items in my collection!
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i want him <3
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