Choujigen Game Neptune - Nepgear - Cell Phone Stand - Choco Sta (Broccoli)Choujigen Game Neptune - Nepgear - Cell Phone Stand - Choco Sta (Broccoli)¥ Купить¥ Купить

Import from Japan
Choujigen Game Neptune - Nepgear - Cell Phone Stand - Choco Sta (Broccoli)
Масштаб & Размеры
W=126mm (4.91in)  L=174mm (6.79in)  H=79mm (3.08in)
Дата релиза
07/2016 Как Standard
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Nepgear is 8cm(80mm) in height


In stock @ Solaris Japan (¥13,230)

Brand New for ¥13,230
└ ✈ From Tokyo to your Home.
Pre Owned for ¥8,734
└ Check product page for item condition.
23 часа назад
JustMoE モ–リス
Selling from Germany: SALE #207551
1 месяц назад
anyone selling this?
1 год назад
Is anyone still selling this around the MSRP price or at least less than 80 ?
1 год назад
In stock @ GoodsRepublic
Free Shipping worldwide from Japan.
Sold at Goods Republic ==> goodsrepublic.c...
1 год назад
I am selling her for $60. Brand new. Comes with AmiAmi exclusive. Has been in AmiAmi box since I received her and she's been stored in my closet. Shipping from US and to US only (sorry!). Please pm me for more details and I can work it out with you since I have a busy schedule.
3 года назад
JustMoE モ–リス
Ge-Ge's really cute, too bad those seamlines in her hair are that visible. Good thing you'll barely ever see her from behind.
3 года назад
Considering about selling her since I have the Black Heart version and not really into Nepgear anymore (I ordered her on whim before the PO's for BH came out). I have the AmiAmi version with the coaster. Not sure if there is much demand for her anymore.
3 года назад
She's actually pretty cute with a better paint job than I was expecting. She's a bit larger than a nendo petit, but not by much.
3 года назад
Import from Japan


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