Touhou Project - Kotiya Sanae - Mame Shiki (Liquid Stone)Touhou Project - Kotiya Sanae - Mame Shiki (Liquid Stone)¥ Купить¥ Купить

Touhou Project - Kotiya Sanae - Mame Shiki (Liquid Stone)
Масштаб & Размеры
H=100mm (3.9in)
Дата релиза
08/2010 Как Standard
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In stock @ Neokyo
Today, 3000 yen on Amazon Japan.
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Only ¥250 fee, 45 days free storage.
1 месяц назад
In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥3,640)

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About 34 USD | 31 EUR | 45 CAD
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1 год назад
Want, please pm me if you have one for less than 30 dollars
4 года назад
I have a spare to sell for $10 USD. She has been opened, but has not been displayed, has all her parts, and is in perfect shape. I can ship her outside the US but it will cost more. Please PM for more details. Sold!
5 лет назад
I'm selling mine! Please PM me for more details! ;v; sold!!!
5 лет назад
Selling her for 15$ + shipping and Paypal fees. SELLING MY ENTIRE COLLECTION!!! PM for more info.
6 лет назад
AndreZolwe was Kero-chan previously
Just got her for 1280 yen, A/A condition from AmiAmi~~
Thing is... totally impulse buy, I do know what Touhou is (I love all those songs, btw), but I don't know who she is, nor do I know if this Mame Shiki line is any good... I just think she's really cute, and for such a great price too!~ I wonder if she'll make me want to get all the other Mame Shikis~ xD Either way, I can't wait to get her and play with her!~~

EDIT: I can't believe how awesome she is, I love her!~ Just got her today, and played around a bit, she's so adorable, and so posable!~ And the extra faces, hands and parts, she's totally worth the 1280 yen, and even much more than that~ Only downside, so to speak, is the base and the arm stand, both are pretty useless for most poses, but the good thing is that she can stand on her own~ All in all, I love her, and I can't wait to get more Mame Shikis!~
6 лет назад
just got her for $10 and im so happy with her that i want more of them!! <3
if anyones selling the others for a decent price let me know!! <3
6 лет назад
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