Mizugi Kanojo the Animation - Takaoka Mizuki - 1/6 - Beach Vibe Balloon ver. (Okayama Figure Engineering)Mizugi Kanojo the Animation - Takaoka Mizuki - 1/6 - Beach Vibe Balloon ver. (Okayama Figure Engineering)¥ Купить¥ Купить

Масштаб & Размеры
1/6  H=140mm (5.46in, 1:1=0.84m)
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09/18/2018 Как Standard
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In stock @ Neokyo
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3 месяца назад
Looks like there's a new color variant in the works:
4 месяца назад
Selling mine. PM me for price and pictures.

I'm also selling everything else on this list LIST #114592
1 год назад
selling mine, pm if interested
1 год назад
gigokay1 год назад#44317557 Thanks you for explaining this. I hope to see some more pics of her.
1 год назад
Heavenly_Otaku2 года назад#40971218Please share some pics of this white underwear and the white mold.
New Okamaya Figure Engineering figures always come with a "diaper" and sometimes with a white mold to cover the vagina. They are not part of the figure but part of the packing and can be easily removed. You an also unpick the stitching of the diaper in case you want to re-sell the figure in the future.
1 год назад
Bompen2 года назад#40969736I felt the same way, and had a hard time deciding which one to get. I ended up getting the blond one, since the tap was such an unusual accessory. I'm not a huge fan of figures with tan-lines, as the tan colour generally don't look that great, but as long as it's a little better than ITEM #345995 it's ok.
I felt exactly the same way too. The unusual accessory makes this the one to have which is why I pre-ordered this one. I am not big fan of figures with tan lines either, they are often a distraction and it is hard to get tan skin color right. In this case it is the untanned skin that is too yellow to my liking. So I ended up buying the other variant in the secondary market below the pre-order price (he beer variant went up in the aftermarket) because there are quite a few differences: untanned, different hair color, different swimsuit color, different facial expression, and a different accessory. The untanned skin tone is actually the same on both versions. However the adjacent tanned skin color makes the untanned skin of the tanned version look more yellow than the skin on the untanned version. Seems there are two other variants too: www.moeyo.com/a... but have not seen those for sale or pre-order anywhere.
1 год назад
TheColderCase2 года назад#40837068The wait was worth it. Uploaded some pics, she comes with a polyester pair of white underwear over her swimsuit. There was a strange white mold inside, not sure if it's for censorship or ? Please share some pics of this white underwear and the white mold.
2 года назад
Pre-owned figures in top quality and good value



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