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Lil' Fairy 2nd Series - Picconeemo - Lipu - 1/12 - ~ Purimyure Fairy Church ~ (Azone)Lil' Fairy 2nd Series - Picconeemo - Lipu - 1/12 - ~ Purimyure Fairy Church ~ (Azone)

Lil' Fairy 2nd Series - Picconeemo - Lipu - 1/12 - ~ Purimyure Fairy Church ~ (Azone)
Масштаб & Размеры
1/12  H=160mm (6.24in, 1:1=1.92m)
Дата релиза
04/17/2015 Как Standard
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Picconeemo D body.

January 20th, 2015 Reservation Start.


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2 года назад
My Lipu came with her hands, but her leg joint broke after just moving her arms a little bit for poses! I'm pretty upset about it and I may email azone about it. Thank goodness Picco bodies are on amiami right now. :(
4 года назад
Got this girl as a gift, not sure what to do about the hands dilemma. I did pre-order some hands with the sheep outfit before thinking she didn't come with hands, not sure if it's worth saving 5 dollars to go to the trouble of msging amiami to get ahold of azone... I did hear of a friend who had to message azone through email even though shes not from or in japan and they responded to her? So i'm really not sure! My friend has her boxed still for now , so I don't have her home with me yet i'll update after I unbox her and message them to see what happens.
4 года назад
Anyone who got her, Azone released a statement about her missing hand pieces it seems azone-int.jp/bl...

Though I'm pretty sure they have no international support, so I'd recommend if your Lipu came without all the hands pieces to contact the shop you bought her from and ask if they can contact Azone for you about the matter.

Or, if yours hasn't shipped, contact your shop, tell them about this alert and ask that yours be checked to ensure its not faulty before they even send it.
4 года назад
brandymallory (4 года назад) #2817531And another Delay till April. Not much luck azone seems to be having.

No surprise looking at their other dolls: no one have been released on time since last Autumn excepting the limited "new year" editions.
4 года назад
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