Ishida Sui - Tokyo Ghoul - Art Book - Young Jump Comics - Zakki (Shueisha)Ishida Sui - Tokyo Ghoul - Art Book - Young Jump Comics - Zakki (Shueisha)¥ Купить¥ Купить

Ishida Sui - Tokyo Ghoul - Art Book - Young Jump Comics - Zakki (Shueisha)
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10/17/2014 Как Standard
112 стр., B6
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1 год назад
In stock @ Ninoma (MFC Partner) (¥1,194)

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About 11 USD | 10 EUR | 15 CAD
For the record, the English version of this book, released about two months ago, is hardcover and the dimensions are larger than the original Japanese version.~
3 года назад
Selling a large part of my collection (including this!), please check my selling list and PM for prices :)

Shipping from Australia.
4 года назад
I like this a lot. The only flaw is its size, ishida sui's art works are just amazing.
4 года назад
mirrorcle_world ✿ baka neko ✿
Selling my copy for $8 + shipping. PM me if interested!
6 лет назад
CDJapan Late March Preorder- www.cdjapan.co....
6 лет назад
It's been 34 days and my book is still not here ;__;
I'm gonna cry if it doesn't arrive during the next week.

edit:// After 36 days of waiting I finally got mine!!
It's a great book but some pics could be bigger, I'd give 9/10.
6 лет назад
I showed it to my friend and he was so jealous! LOL. Wanted to get one for him but the sold out on CD Japan...hope the restock so that I can add it to my December order with them.
6 лет назад
I got my book! It's a great, so glad there's a decent merchandise of the series since none of the anime ones appealed to me.

The layout is very clean and the interior matte paper is decently thick for a paperback. The side notes were integrated with images very well. If only the book was a bit larger...!
6 лет назад


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