Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: Hangyaku no Monogatari - Akuma Homura - Kyuubey - 1/8 (Aniplex, Stronger)Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: Hangyaku no Monogatari - Akuma Homura - Kyuubey - 1/8 (Aniplex, Stronger)¥ Купить¥ Купить

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Gekijouban Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica: Hangyaku no Monogatari - Akuma Homura - Kyuubey - 1/8 (Aniplex, Stronger)
Масштаб & Размеры
1/8  H=265mm (10.34in, 1:1=2.12m)
Даты релиза
07/24/2016 Как Limited
03/07/2015 Как Limited + Exclusive
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Made to order.

Order period: 2014/5/23 ~ 2014/7/28

Includes an alternative expression and opened wings.


Selling for A$240. Includes all accessories and contains no broken parts. Excellent condition. Located in Canberra, Australia.
3 дня назад
In stock @ JFigure.com (¥15,400)
Opened but the figure is in very good condition. No notable damages. Parts complete unless mentioned. Box is also in good condition.
8 дней назад
Selling new and sealed... sorry for high price but I'm very reluctant to sell her since it's one of my most favorite figures... SALE #208579
Thank you!
12 дней назад
18 дней назад
Selling opened and displayed behind glass (no box)
Shipping to Australia only
PM me for photos and price negotiations
Also selling the rest of my collection (sealed & open
2 месяца назад
SoundOfTheFuture1 год назад#48029645I recently bought this figurine second hand, and it had a decent amount of lean, so I thought that using scotch tape on the pegs might help.
Unfortunately, it did not help that much and potentially made the problem worse. Using a flashlight, I found out that the inside of the dress where the pegs go in is cracked. Whether or not this was because of the tape, I do not know, but it surely could not have helped.
Are there any solutions to this, or do I have to end up using support?

I ended up using a support under her butt, I see people on here that use an acrylic cylinder that would actually keep the overall look of the fiigure floating so that seems to be the only solution unless you are well adept with construction tools as I've seen some people post about.
3 месяца назад
Selling her for $145! Price negotiable. Comes with box, both faceplates, and both wing sets, but her leaning problem is pretty bad.

Free shipping within US, buyer doesn't pay PayPal fees.

DM for pics and inquiries please!

sold, thank you!
7 месяцев назад
Does she have 2 face plates?
10 месяцев назад
Selling BNIB still in bubble wrap

200+free shipping within NA
11 месяцев назад
Selling, figure and box in excellent condition. 100$. See ad with more info here. Sold.
11 месяцев назад
Japan's #1 Collector Toy Company


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