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Mirai Nikki - Gasai Yuno - 1/8 (Butanabe no Ie)
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02/09/2014 Как Limited
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I would do anything for a Yuno figure :(
11 дней назад
her face looks idk.... gross
but i would still buy it bc im desperate for a yuno figure
1 месяц назад
I still cannot believe there is no nendoroid figure of her at all.
4 месяца назад
autumnskies2 года назад#31074494She has a RAH figure but it's not as good as I'd hope. ITEM #118075 not really besides it is good enough to be one of the rarest RAH figures ever if not the rarest
1 год назад
Chloe-tsundere6 лет назад#2048585Well their PO sure take long it pisses me off.. First time i bought from them and probably te last
Sucks indeedc guess i will buy the RAH if i can find her
She has a RAH figure but it's not as good as I'd hope. ITEM #118075
2 года назад
Really hope we get a scale figure or nendoroid for her someday D:
3 года назад
The face looks so messy. :C I love Yuno, but this figure...unless I saw it for super cheap, like $10 or something, I wouldn't waste money on this otherwise. Shit, maybe a bootleg might look better lmao.
3 года назад
Too bad there aren't many good Yuno figures.
4 года назад
Still waiting for a decent yuno figure or nendoroid :c
5 лет назад
Damn I absolutely love this series by I would never consider this figure. The pose looks awkward and not Yuno-like at all. It doesn't look very good quality either, I want some decent figures of Yuno.
6 лет назад