Dead or Alive - Ayane - EX summer beach - Swimsuit Ver. (SEGA)Dead or Alive - Ayane - EX summer beach - Swimsuit Ver. (SEGA)¥ Купить¥ Купить

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Dead or Alive - Ayane - EX summer beach - Swimsuit Ver. (SEGA)
Масштаб & Размеры
H=180mm (7.02in)
Дата релиза
09/2008 Как Standard
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Selling her and my entire collection, PM for details :)
1 месяц назад
!SELLING HER PM ME! also selling kasumi too!
3 года назад
w/ kasumi 4k order.mandarake...
4 года назад
Mandarake this evening 2014-08-29, the pair for 4000yen.
Not bad for some classic Yamashita Shunya figures.
6 лет назад
Where can I find her? I only see her on ebay. That pretty much my only option at this point?
6 лет назад
She looks pretty cute here :D
7 лет назад
finally at home I love her so much X3
7 лет назад
I actually liked mine much more after I removed it. I love the sheen on the skin.
8 лет назад
Happy to have finally added this one to my collection. Still available at a bargain price with some hunting (prices are now starting to move upward as availabilty is shrinking). Painting is actually crisp, but flesh tones have a sheen to them. Mold lines are there to be seen and may repulse some. However, one needs to remember what market niche this was produced for. Improvement would be easily achieved for someone with figure building and painting skills.
9 лет назад
Please add
Artist: Shunya Yamashita (Artwork/Design)
9 лет назад
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