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Vocaloid - Hatsune Miku - Miku ★ Punk (Atelier Hiro)
Даты релиза
02/09/2014 Как Limited
12/23/2013 Как Limited
10/20/2013 Как Limited +1



Still praying
27 дней назад
Really wanted this to be PVC. RIP
1 год назад
im 5 years late but id do anything for a pvc of this
1 год назад
Ningyoplug Brocon enthusiast
Prayer circle for this to be made into a PVC!!

6 лет назад
She's currently up for grabs at Yahoo Auction Japan. page6.auctions.... 15,000 円
7 лет назад
hnnnnggg I want to get my hands on this so badly
7 лет назад
This alone beats many existing Miku figure IMO. Badass figure is badass. Totally epic.
7 лет назад
Why do I get the feeling the sculptor has a special version of this one at his home where she is lifting the other finger in her right hand?
7 лет назад
mikalacain7 лет назад#1625406Make it a PVC and I would definitely buy this.
7 лет назад
OMG i want this and i want NOW! Gorgeous, sexy, beautiful!

PVC please!!!
7 лет назад