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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
Love Hina - Narusegawa Naru - SkyLuv Project (Epoch, Kaiyodo)
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12/2001 Как Standard
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Finally have her!! So happy! She is way more adorable in real life! Cute blush! I would love to have her regular outfit instead of the towel, but I wrapped Mutsumi's spare apron around her towel, gave her Mutsumi's spare sunflower sandals and a plate with melon and she looks great!

Now to find the last 3 ladies!
2 месяца назад
Found my set of these in the attic and realized I was missing Naru... had to come here to see why that was! I remember being super disappointed with the outfit/hair choice for this one. :\
7 лет назад
Currently for sale! PM for details! ^^
8 лет назад
Does anyone think they could clone the back head part to make a long hair part?
I'd buy it if someone made one.
9 лет назад
NeurotripsyDo they make these anymore?

I don't think so. I bought them used from Ebay cause I didn't find them new somewhere.
10 лет назад
Do they make these anymore?
10 лет назад
Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!


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