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Guilty Gear - Sol Badguy - 1/12 - Guilty Gear X Action Figure (Epoch)
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2000 Как Standard
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Looking to buy if anyone is selling!
9 месяцев назад
Y'know, he may not be the best figure on earth, but he's my new favorite. He's got a far better sculpt than I thought. Though the joints are pretty odd, the articulation is pretty decent for an average Japanese toy made around 2000, and the head on mine is not as derpy as I had expected it to be after talking to several other owners (perhaps I got lucky?). Most of all, I feel like it captures Sol's personality really well and it is fun to actually play with this -- I don't just move him into a pose and leave him there for a long time like I do with most figures. I might be a bit biased, as I've cosplayed him for like 5-6 years now, but I really love this figure.

BTW, one thing I will recommend with this figure if you own it -- take a little bit off of a receipt and roll it really tight into a tube. His non-Fuuenken-holding left hand happens to be perfect for holding a little fake cigarette, and it makes for some cool photos.
10 лет назад
TrishlerSol Badguy rocks!

weird joints...especially the one on the back also the hair piece is so weird
10 лет назад
Sol Badguy rocks!
11 лет назад
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