Suzuhara Misaki
Suzuhara Misaki
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鈴原 みさき
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Misaki Suzuhara is a timid, sweet-tempered, and kind 12-year-old girl who has just moved to Tokyo to live with her aunt. In the manga she is more overreactive and easily excited. She had been living with her grandparents in Wakayama while she went to elementary school, but saved her money so she could afford to go to middle school in Tokyo. She worries about the fact that she is small and unathletic, and is sometimes mistaken for an elementary school student. She sees Angelic Layer as a way to prove that there is nothing wrong with being small. She started playing Angelic Layer after seeing the white angel Athena on a video screen outside of Tokyo Station. Her angel is Hikaru, and she is known as the "Miracle Rookie". She is nicknamed Misakichi by her friend Tamayo.
In volume 7 of the manga Chobits, she is seen with Minoru and two other visitors at the hospital visiting Kaede.
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