Ujimatsu Chiya
Ujimatsu Chiya
Оригинальное название
宇治松 千夜
Также известна как
Uji Matcha Chiyo Mukashi




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A gentle and calming young girl, Chiya is formal and soft-spoken. She always appears to be in a light, airy mood and focuses on keeping the peace, although she can be a little air-headed. Even when she might be upset, she always keeps smiling.

Despite her ladylike behavior, Chiya has many surprising quirks one may not see at first. She finds pleasure in giving the sweets of Ama Usa An overly fancy names, such as "Red Jewel in a Snowy Field" and "Moon and Stars Reflected Upon the Sea". She also enjoys scary stories and disturbing others at times, and she dreams of becoming a samurai. She is genuinely kind, but at times she can be very teasing.
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