Mole Imagin
Mole Imagin
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Mole Imagin - Ichiban Kuji - Ichiban Kuji Kamen Rider Series R/D ~Kamen Rider Double & Den-O~ - World Collectable Figure (Banpresto)



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The Mole Imagin (モールイマジン Mōru Imajin?) is another Imagin out to kill Den-O, able to spin and burrow. As well as able to fires energy laser. The serious "Ax-Hand" Mole Imagin completes Yamaguchi's contract, arriving to the day that he lost a karaoke contest. Den-O Ax Form arrives to fight him, only to deal with both him and his two brothers clones: the crazed Claw-Hand and the effeminate Drill-Hand. The Mole Imagin trio proves too much for Ax Form as he suddenly begins losing his sync with Ryotaro. The two clones depart while their big brother remained to finish the job. Yuto arrives and accepts the elder Sakurai's gift and becomes Zeronos again, defeating the Ax-Hand Mole Imagin as he was about to retreat. The brothers later destroying city apart to lure Den-O and Zeronos back in time to avenge their older brother. Sword Form and Zeronos battle the two Imagin until Momotaros loses his sync and Den-O is reverted to Plat Form. Both Claw-Hand and Drill-Hand are nearly successful in defeating Plat Form and Zeronos Vega Form until the Tarōs arrive and give Ryotaro the power to assume Liner Form. The Mole Imagin are no match for Liner Form as Ryotaro defeats them with his newfound power.
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