Rogue Titan
Rogue Titan
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Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерAfter being swallowed by a titan, Eren was able to turn into a titan. He is much stronger than the average titan, and is able to beat down a whole group of titans quickly. In this form, he is a 15m titan, with shoulder-length black hair, pointy ears, and a huge mouth. Because of his intelligence, something regular titans don't have, he is able to out maneuver the others and quickly beat them down. While initially, having little-to-no control over his actions, he managed to overcome this with extensive use of the transformations. His Titan form, combined with his growing experience and his hand-to-hand combat skills allowed him to overcome and nearly kill the Armored Titan.

His transformations are triggered through causing physical harm onto himself while having a clear goal in mind. He can also trigger partial manifestations
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