Bushido Blade Ni
Bushido Blade Ni
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Bushido Blade 2




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In the 13th century, on the island of Konoshima (in the Seto Naikai, Inland Sea, of Japan) there existed two feudal clans, the Kagami and the Sue, both aligned to the same Daimyo. They lived in peace until war on mainland Japan crushed the Daimyo. The Kagami swore fealty to the new Daimyo while the Sue were loyal to their master until the end. The conflict between the two began with the Kagami drawing the Sue off of the island and into battle. The Sue, having been defeated in battle, then lost their sacred sword the Yugiri. For centuries after, secretive battles were fought that were fierce, but not widespread.

Some 800 years later the Shainto school, composed of the remaining descendants from the Sue clan, attacked the Narukagami Shintoryu, the Kagami clan dojo, at their headquarters: the Meikyokan. To redeem their honor, they move to recover the Sacred Sword Yugiri and wipe out the last descendant of the Kagami family. That is the point from which the opening FMV begins, covering the assault which is later seen more fully in the story mode.
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