Yuuki Juudai
Yuuki Juudai
Оригинальное название
遊城 十代
Также известна как
Jaden Yuki




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Voiced by: KENN, Mariko Nagahama (young) (Japanese), Matthew Charles (English)

Jaden Yuki is the main protagonist of the series. He is described as an energetic boy who comes to Duel Academy to learn to become the new King of Games. He enjoys seeking out new duel challenges and is known be quite lucky when it comes to his draws. He is capable of communicating with Duel Spirits, most often conversing with Winged Kuriboh, a card he received from Yugi Moto on the day of his entrance exam. He specialises in using Fusion Monsters, his main deck being the Elemental Heroes deck before later obtaining a set of Neo Spacian monsters and his key card, Elemental Hero Neos. Following the third season, in which he entered an alternate dimension and confronted the duel spirit, Yubel, he has gained the powers of both The Supreme King, an evil alter-ego he temporarily took on, and Yubel, giving him powerful insight.
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