Akuma Shogun
Akuma Shogun
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Kinnikuman - Akuma Shogun - Plush Mascot - Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Jump All Stars - PoteKoro Mascot Petite Part.2 - Petite (Plex)Kinnikuman - Akuma Shogun - Plush Mascot - Potekoro Mascot - Weekly Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Jump All Stars - PoteKoro Mascot Part.2 (Plex)


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The leader of the Seven Akuma Chōjin and the Devil Knights. His true identity is that of the former first Perfect Origin, Goldman, known as the God of Battle (戦いの神, Tatakai no Kami). He frequently quarreled with his younger brother Silverman and the two eventually engaged in a sword battle, a battle which ended with the two of them simultaneously beheading each other. His soul was placed inside the Golden Mask (黄金のマスク, Ōgon no Masuku) and many years later aligned himself with Satan and became Akuma Shogun.

With his finishing move, Hell's Nine Point Seal, he attacks the nine vital points of the Chōjin body. His trademark Hell's Guillotine is part of this, attacking the neck. He obtains his flesh body when the Devil Knights unite undeneath his mask. He has the ability to freely alter the hardness of his body, from a Chōjin Hardness (超人硬度, Chōjin Kōdo) level of 10 (the highest in the Chōjin world), known as Diamond Body (ダイヤモンドボディ), to Chōjin Hardness 0, Snake Body (スネークボディ). Coupled with the fact that no body exists within his armor, there are very few techniques that can actually harm him. His weak spot is his head because he shows signs of pain when he got hit in the head during his fights with Buffaloman and Kinnikuman.
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