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Culture Japan
Culture Japan
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Culture Japan is directed, and produced by myself where I not only cover Japanese Pop Culture, I also introduce more of the traditional aspects of Japan too. Prepare for a menu of Otaku, Anime, Traditional, Food, Travel, Fashion and Technology. (...)

The show is presented by myself Danny Choo and my mascot character Mirai Suenaga. Sponsors for the show are Good Smile Company and Bushiroad. The show is directed in a way that both folks inside and outside of Japan can enjoy the show - the challenge is creating a show that introduces Japanese culture but make it interesting enough for Japanese folks to enjoy too. The second season in particular gained much popularity in Japan and even started to trend on Twitter Japan after each episode.

At the moment, Culture Japan is in its second season with a third season in the planning. The second season recently started to air across Asia on Animax Asia in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Due to some broadcasting regulations and timeslot differences however, the versions broadcast outside of Japan have been edited slightly - the Asia broadcast has been de-oppai-fied. (...)
Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.

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