Lloyd Irving
Lloyd Irving
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Lloyd Irving (ロイド・アーヴィング) is an irresponsible, and brash young man, but also a gentle idealist who wishes for peace in the world. Orphaned as a child, he was adopted and raised by a dwarf, Dirk, just outside the village of Iselia. Lloyd displays many of the characteristics of the game's antagonist, Mithos, who was once the great hero of the Ancient Kharlan War. Despite their many similarities, Lloyd wants to save the world without sacrificing any lives while Mithos is willing to sacrifice any number of people to achieve his "Age of Lifeless Beings." Kratos claims that Lloyd is capable of admitting and correcting his mistakes, something Mithos could never do. Though his intellect is limited, Lloyd is very strong-hearted and adheres unwaveringly to his morals of racial equality and altruism. He accompanies Colette as one of her guardians on her Journey of Regeneration.

Посмотреть спойлерСпрятать спойлерLloyd's Exsphere was a product of Kvar's Angelus Project, whose host was Lloyd's mother, Anna. In the end of the game due to his Exsphere, Lloyd is able to summon wings in order to reach and awaken the Great Seed. With the help of the Eternal Sword he awakens the seed into a new world tree. He then pronounced its guardian by the Summon Spirit of the Tree, Martel, and receives the tree's protection when he gives it its name. In the sequel, after reuniting the two worlds, he begins to search for the remaining Exspheres. Lloyd has been showered with both praise and hatred from the people of the world, some of whom rejoice at his actions, and some of whom condemn them. The Church of Martel supposedly proclaims that Lloyd was responsible for the Blood Purge of Palmacosta. As a result, tensions between those who support Lloyd and those who oppose him have escalated. However, Lloyd was framed by Decus, a member of the Vanguard. Using the power of Solum's core, Decus turned himself into a doppelganger of Lloyd and led the Blood Purge in his name. It is revealed that Lloyd was working with Yuan in order to gather the centurion's cores, as they believed the reawakened Ratatosk might pose a threat to the new world tree spirit, Martel. However, since simply killing Ratatosk would open the gate to the demon world Niflheim, they planned to seal him in the Ginnungagap. Lloyd could not explain his actions to others as he feared Ratatosk would learn of the plan; furthermore, as the secret name of the world tree provided it with protection, Lloyd feared that others might reveal it under the influence of the centurion cores, which can cause insanity in most humans. He and Yuan realized that Emil's kindness may be able to prevent Ratatosk from seeking revenge for the death of the original world tree. He accompanies Emil and the others through the rest of the game.

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