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"Puchimasu!" (ぷちます!) with the undertitle "PETIT IDOLM@STER" is an official iDOLM@STER situation-comedy parody manga where the idols (including Kotori Otonashi) have corresponding "puchidorus" in the form of small creatures drawn in an SD-like style. These puchidorus resemble the idols when it comes to looks and personality, but many of their different traits and quirks are exaggerated and mixed with animal-like characteristics.

The Puchimasu! story is set in its own continuity where the puchidorus live in the 765 Production offices, creating all kinds of pandemonium and hilarious situations. No one knows where these mysterious creatures actually spawn from, but they are found in all corners of the world and brought to the agency in one way or another. Some of the idols, especially Ritsuko and Hibiki, can understand the behaviour of the puchidorus and communicate with them reasonably well. Others, like Chihaya, can only really communicate with their own puchidoru counterpart. Ritsuko is seen as the main character in the story and is most often the one who has to manage the puchidorus and the problems they cause around the offices.

The first appearance of Puchimasu! was when mangaka Akane (明音, gender has never been revealed officially but self-portrayed as female) started publishing 4-komas on their personal website. This soon gained enough popularity on the Futaba Channel for NBGI to take notice.

Akane's first official work in the iDOLM@STER franchise became as cover artist for the five Famison 8BIT IDOLM@STER CDs, released March-June 2008. A few months later, in September 2008, the Puchimasu! 4-koma started its monthly serialisation in the Dengeki Maoh (電撃マオウ) magazine where it is still on-going.

The Puchimasu! sub-franchise has become very popular over the years and has led to the production of a lot of merchandise, the main selling-point being the puchidorus' high cuteness-appeal. The manga has been published in yearly tankoubons, and in 2011 two Drama CDs were released by Frontier Works with the idol CVs voicing also their respective puchidorus.

Puchimasu! is (as far as I know) the only active part of the iDOLM@STER franchise that still uses the older character designs instead of the newer ones from THE iDOLM@STER2.

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