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Char RhousemannChar Rhousemann

Char Rhousemann
Char Rhousemann
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Shuraki Trinity - Char Rhousemann - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)



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Shuraki Princess from France.  Age : 17 tall : 1m58

The mistress of the house families Rhousemann Limousin region. Dukes is the last house Rhousemann old, or mixed blood of the princess had always a Shuraki is not clear.
Char was born as a daughter and heir of the family like that.
Daughter, and touted your environment, perhaps because not spoiled for nothing, too much pride in the selfish play by the book.
Pretending to be hated and collective action, cowardly really lonely.

Char such at the age of six, was involved in a major turning point in certain cases.
Since her own as if the fate of a princess swept Shuraki
Hesitate to move in a bloody way.
Then stand in front of Satoru Satoru.

During combat, rapier thrust front,
Poised to fight the main thrust of the attack style fencing.
The Gauntlet soon be able to defend against attacks, is ready when the edges together with your left hand at all times.

Source : Translate from www.shuraki.jp
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