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Victorique de Blois
Victorique de Blois
Оригинальное название
Также известна как
Victorica de Blois




Ame to Yuki - Gosick - Victorique de Blois - Comics - Doujinshi - Gray Wolf Syndrome (Ame nochi Yuki)

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The heroine of the story. Victorica has the appearance of a small (4'7"), almost doll-like, girl with long golden hair and emerald eyes and a voice that sounds exactly like that of an older woman.

Victorica's name is spelled "Victorica" on the official Gosick website. Her name is spelled "Victorique" in the first two novels (English translation) and in episode 9 of the anime. All evidences in the novel are that Sauville, the academy and Victorica's family all speak French as their first language. Victorica probably signs her name with the French spelling, "Victorique".

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