Jade Curtiss
Jade Curtiss
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Dr. Jade Balfour, more commonly known as Jade Curtiss or as Jade the Necromancer is a colonel serving in the Malkuth military and an exceptional wielder of Fonic Arts well known throughout Auldrant. He always seems to be smiling, or at least cheerful, regardless of the events taking place about him, giving little indication of his true thoughts on anything.
Jade is known as the father of Fomicry, the science of extracting data from an existing entity to produce a perfect copy known as a 'replica'. His first attempt was when his sister, Nephry, broke her favorite doll, at which point Jade created a replica to soothe her tears. He was nine at the time.

In his youth, he was, as described by his sister, a "devil" highly adept in casting Fonic Artes; his sister saw him as one who did not understand the significance of life or perhaps that anything but himself could be sentient -- and he, therefore, enjoyed killing monsters through Fonic artes even adults found difficult. Sometime after Luke's conversation with Nephry regarding her brother, Jade confesses to Luke that he still fails to understand what it means for someone to die.
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