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Asakura Ryouko
Asakura Ryouko
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朝倉 涼子




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At first, Ryoko appears to be a compassionate and hard-working high school girl. One of Kyon's friends, Taniguchi, places her in the top three first-year girls in the school with a grade of AA+: indicative of her pleasant personality, beauty, and athleticism. Her enormous popularity made her the unanimous choice for class president of Kyon's homeroom class. She also showed particular concern about how Haruhi had distanced herself from the rest of the class.
However, it turns out that she is Yuki's backup, and as such, is also another "humanoid interface". Much like Yuki, she finds it difficult to empathize with humans, but unlike Yuki, possesses exceptional social skills. Initially she cheerfully supports Kyon's reaching out to Haruhi, often encouraging him to "open her up to the class," making Haruhi easier to observe. However, when Haruhi brings up the idea that someone disappearing would be interesting, it gives her the idea to try and kill Kyon (since Haruhi seems to care a lot about him) with a combat knife in the hopes of catalyzing an observable reaction from Haruhi. In battle, she mainly excels in controlling a select amount of data and making her own type of closed space, and hand-to-hand combat. Her efforts are stopped, after Yuki defeated and removed her from the physical world. It's interesting to note that her cheerful personality doesn't falter, even at the moment of her own demise. This is a clue given by the author that Ryoko really did not understand the concept or the heavy implications of death, may it be her killing Kyon or her own death; that in the end, what she did was the result of simple logic that if Kyon were to have died, then Haruhi would give a reaction, not for the purpose of bloodlust. Ryoko is very often mistakenly called a yandere by fans considering only her drastic actions and not the motivation behind them. Afterwards, Yuki fabricates a cover story that Ryoko moved to Canada. She makes a reappearance in the light novel The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, on an alternate timeline in which Haruhi never attends North High or forms an SOS Brigade. It is revealed that she cares deeply and is best friends with the alternate Yuki, but would still resort to violence to protect her, as she stabs Kyon when he tries to inject an uninstallation program into Yuki. However, she is stopped and destroyed by another Yuki that came from a few months later, along with Kyon and Mikuru, in order to save him. She appears again in book 10, "The Astonishment of Haruhi Suzumiya," preview released in 2010, when Kyon encounters Kuyoh Suoh, another humanoid data interface created by the Macrospatial Quantum Existence, or "Canopy Dominion" at the train tracks to save him. Her main duty is to appear whenever there is an emergency where Yuki is not available. Their fight is interrupted by Emiri Kimidori, another humanoid data interface created by the Integrated Data Sentient Entity, while Asakura was thrusting her combat knife at warp speed. She takes note that Kuyoh does not ask for any permission to alter data, and escapes the closed space. She disappears once again, but a note is taken that Asakura will appear when necessary. She does, in fact, appear hostile though, telling Kuyoh that Kyon is her "prey."
In the spin-off mini-series, The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya, she appears as a chibi form dubbed 'Achakura' as a basketball sized result of a failed reincarnation, and is forced to help Yuki around her house. She is also subject to pranks from Yuki, such as being transported around in a baby carrier or dressed up like a Hinamatsuri doll. In Nyorōn Churuya-san, her appearance is similar to Tsuruya/Churuya and she has a crush on Kyon. She is also one of the main characters in the spin-off manga, The Vanishing of Nagato Yuki-chan.
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